ABOUT RAW WINE - About Via Vecchia Wine.

"RAW WINE (rɔː) – adj in a natural state; not treated by manufacturing or other processes.

RAW WINE is a totally independent wine fair created and organised by Isabelle Legeron MW. It celebrates wines with emotion. Wines that have a humanlike, or living, presence. They are also wines that are an authentic expression of a place. They are the polar opposite of industrialised, big-brand, manufactured, nothing-but-alcoholic-grape-juice wines, that use imagery and suggestion to sell a product.

RAW WINE is about showcasing ... cellar philosophies [that] make these living wines possible. Many of these wines feature on the lists of the world's best restaurants. "

-Isabelle Legeron MW (The Institute of Masters of Wine, France).

Via Vecchia submitted its wine to Isabelle in November 2014. We were accepted into the RAW WINE fairs and have attended the London Fair in 2015 and 2016, and the inaugural American Fair in Brooklyn NY in 2016, and the inaugural Los Angeles Fair in 2017.

It is so heartening to find your place in your industry and a place that is solely interested in traditional wine making so that what a real wine should taste like is not wholly lost on humanity. It is awesome to have the world's top international chefs and sommeliers taste our wines at these fairs - it keeps us sane. If only people cared as much about their alcohol as their solid foods.