Paolo Rosi always made wine with his father, using traditional Tuscan techniques passed down through family.  When Paolo moved to the US, he brought basic equipment with him in the shipping container and began making wine as a hobby with friends.  


As the wine making hobby turned into a business and became more serious, it moved from the basement of Paolo’s suburban home into a historic warehouse in the Brewery District.  


Paolo and his business partner, Michael Elmer, turned their Brewery District winery into a hip spot to host to a multitude of events and wine tastings that stirred lots of buzz.


After discovering the winery location was highly sought after by local and out-of-state brides, Michael and Paolo launched the perfect union, Weddings & Wine!  

Co-owner, Michael Elmer

Co-owner and Vintner, Paolo Rosi

The former Front Street location was sold out nearly every weekend of the year. Together with a professional group of trusted vendors, Via Vecchia Winery hosted hundreds of weddings.

In 2018, Michael and Paolo decided it was time to grow again. More space would allow for larger sized weddings and for increased production facilities for their all-natural wine. Michael and Paolo began scouting Columbus for the next home of their winery while creating another highly desirable event venue.


Upon their search, they discovered the urban industrial area slated for a host of redevelopment plans, including breweries and entertainment.  Wanting to be at the forefront of the new venture, Paolo and Michael decided to make S. High Street the home of their family owned winery.


Former Via Vecchia Winery - 485 S Front Street, Columbus

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Current Via Vecchia Winery - 2108 S High Street, Columbus

The new event venue is up and running, already host to a number of events from weddings and corporate events, to concerts and community festivals.  

Located at 2108 South High St in downtown Columbus, the new 6000 sq ft venue features a mezzanine, covered veranda, and large patio a surrounded by a private "courtyard".  The wide open floorplan allows for events of all types  and a blank canvas for creative event pros. 

Along with the new event center, the family-owned, urban winery has moved again.  

Currently, the winery occupies a part of the old Seagrave building at 2050 South High Street in The Fort.  In 2020 it will move across the parking lot into a shared space with the new event venue and will be host to a variety of events. 

The winery uses traditional Tuscan techniques passed down through family to produce our all-natural hand crafted red wines.  Guests of the winery can expect to enjoy wines made from a single ingredient: whole grapes imported from California.  

You don't have to be invited to a wedding or special event to enjoy Via Vecchia's wines.  They are available for purchase right here on this site.

Order a bottle today and find out why Via Vecchia Winery has award winning wines!